Same Day Teeth

How Does it Work?


All-on-4™ is an innovative technique that involves carefully placing just four implants in the jawbone to support fixed bridgework. It is suitable for people with only a few teeth remaining or those who may have been told they don’t have sufficient bone mass, as the implants are placed at specially planned angles to take advantage of the areas where there is more bone.

A 3D/CT scan is used to take an image of your jaw, which allows us to work out exactly where to put the implants. Once these are in place, temporary acrylic teeth are attached – so you can walk out of the practice with a brand new smile on the very same day.

When the implants have bonded with the bone, you will need to come back to have your long term bridge fitted.

As long as you look after your implants and bridgework and see us for regular check-ups, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a big smile on your face for years to come.