If the thought of having to put up with a metal clad mouth puts you off straightening your crooked teeth, then adult-friendly Invisalign® might just be the answer.

This subtle series of aligners are perfect for self-conscious adults, offering a discreet way to move teeth to a new, improved position. They are custom-made from a clear material that moulds comfortably to your teeth and are also removable so they can be taken out for short periods, meaning they have minimal impact on your lifestyle.


  • Convenient – you can take them out to eat whatever you choose and give your teeth a good clean
  • Discreet – a big bonus if you are a little longer in the tooth
  • Comfy – no irritating wires or bands

How do they work?

After checking if your teeth can be corrected using this clever system, a series of transparent aligners is produced from impressions of your teeth, using advanced 3D technology. This also allows you to see how your teeth will look following treatment. You will then wear a different one of these aligners every two weeks until the carefully controlled force moves your teeth to a better position.

Treatment times will vary for each case but are typically between 6 months – 2 years. During the straightening process, you will need to pop in to see us so we can check your teeth are moving as they should.

Do I need a retainer?

So your teeth stay in their tidy new position, you will need to wear a retainer. This keeps them in line and ensures you will have a straighter smile for years to come.